When to order?

I would recommend you to order your cake as soon as you can, best a few months in advance. I make all my cakes by myself and therefore there is a limit to how much I can do. Usually I can make 1-2 cakes a week. Especially in summer I may be booked up many months ahead.


How to order?

-by e-mail

-by phone

-in person, by prior agreement (at my place, or place of your choice)

In order to create a proposal for you, I need to know the date of your wedding so that I can check if I am available at that time. I also need to know approximately how many wedding quests there will be and what type of cake you would like. Based on this information I will prepare a draft proposal and price calculation. When we come to an agreement, I will ask you to pay a deposit of 50% of agreed price. The order will thus become binding for both parties.


How much will the cake cost you?

The prices of wedding cakes are individual, amount being depended mainly on size of the cake and on how time-consuming the decorating part will be. The prices start from CZK 150/portion. You can order decorative cupcakes with your cake (from CZK 80/piece), biscuits (from CZK 30/piece, French macaroons (CZK 20/piece), or cake pops (from CZK 55/piece). I can prepare everything to match the design of the cake, so that you can have your very own original sweet wedding menu.



We can deliver your cake to a destination of your choice. The price of the delivery is individual. Stacked cakes (4-tier or higher) are delivered disassembled. I assemble them at the wedding venue. You can pick up smaller cakes (3-tier or smaller, with up to 50 portions) by yourself at my workshop at Zruc nad Sazavou. If you are going to transport the cake by yourself, you must always drive very carefully and avoid rapid braking. The cake must be positioned on a flat surface, preferably in the boot of your car. It is strongly advised to use a car with air-conditioning in summer months.


Storing and shelf-life of the cakes

If the cake is not going directly from production to the wedding venue, it is necessary to keep it in a dry and cool place, preferably in a fridge with constant temperature. Never store the cake in a cellar or on a balcony as high humidity is the cake’s worst enemy.

It is recommended to consume the cake with 24 hours after receiving it.